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La siguiente es una selección de algunos sitios donde puedes encontrar programas e información sobre Fido y más. Si tu conoces otros sitios que quisieras recomendar, por favor, envíame un e-mail a:

Walter Arnolfo <>



A Fidonet Primer

Fidonet Echolist for Zone 2

 Echomail History




Iniquity BBS Software.

Absolute Solutions (FrontDoor).

ARJ Homepage.

Artware home page (timED, NetMgr, etc).

Beemail Home Page.

Blueview Software (RipScrip).

Cutting Edge Computing (Blue Wave).

ECHOGATE & Gibi Cohen's Home page.

Fidonet Echomail, including Elist, Backbone and Region 17..

FidoNet Home Pages and Links.

Fidonet Italy Web Page.

FidoNet Technical Standards Home Page.

FMail Support@Internet.

GEcho E-Mail Processor Homepage.

GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out!.

Lentz Software Development: Xenia & Hydra .

Mobius Concepts, Inc. Home Page (MacKennel, MacWoof)

Omen Technology INC (ZMODEM).

Opus CBCS.

PKWARE© WWW Site Directory.

The *OFFICIAL*Renegade BBS World Wide Web Page.

The Goldware International Homepage (GoldED).

The Maximus Homepage.

Wantree Development's RemoteAccess.

Winpoint Information.

Woodruff Software Systems (WinFossil).

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